www.252523.net is just little-little scrap of the world, in like wise reality. This had launched to bring my voice into sight and experiment of Web-Toys. (and play the fool.)

The title is simply Japanese play on words linking “にこにこ風味.net” and “252523.net”. Also has not major meaning in initially. But I’d found the mean while blogging. “にこにこ(ni-ko-ni-ko)” meaning an imitative word of smile and “風味(fuu-mi)” meaning flavor or taste. So now, I suppose the sound “Flavor of smile” is comfortable.

I wish all of us had pleasure on WWW and location of yourself.



Unfotunary, this design is not simple and cool. But, my belief doesn’t have “Simple is Best” and “Cool is Good”. I know only “Simple is Simple”.


Screen Name
“にこにこ風味” or “252523.net”
Gender and Born in
Male, August 1977, Kanagawa, Japan
Japanese or simple english, and body languages.