Buttons Customization with CSS (unprofitable labor !)

I tried to thinking about customization of buttons.

On the receiving side, is only paste. I wont any form about variation from original.

After all, I found an uncool way. (inactive with IE)

Buttons example

  • Primarily, make some image files for be ready.
  • Standard button size is 15×180 pixel. and the size in this case 13×178 pixel. Decrement of 2 pixel as border width.
  • To support transparence, imege file format have to go with “png” or “gif”.
  • When readiness. Drive keyboard to writing CSS.
    For instance. img { background: #aaa; border: 1px solid #fff; } img:hover { background: #666; border: 1px solid #666; } img#flickr:hover { background: #0066CC; border: 1px solid #FF99CC; }
  • This function is able to changing background and border color without graphic tool. Only rewrite CSS code.

So, is a futile and unproductive craft. There are more nice technic in Inline Buttons and W3C buttons without images. Though I know that, I try another to kill time.

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