Theme ‘LactPlate’ for WordPress 1.5

WordPress 1.5 のテーマを初めて作ってみました。

Kubrick v1.5 のテーマをベースにしています。基本的な構造はそのままにしたおかげで、それなりに見えると思います、という気がします。


Flickr の Mediumサイズの画像が枠付きでガッツリ入るようにしてありますのでFlickrユーザーにはイケるかもしれませぬ。



  • Tested for Firefox/1.0.4, IE6, Opera7.54 Only!
  • This theme based on the Kubrick v1.5.
    Construction based on too. In the couse of never get worth.
  • These compositions are released under GPL
  • Information and download latest : LactPlate theme


From now, It began working for touchup and revision.

25 thoughts on “Theme ‘LactPlate’ for WordPress 1.5

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  3. W. Chen

    Bug: If I use blockquote in the post, the post in the list, such as index page, will not align to left.

  4. にこにこ風味 Post author

    W. Chen, thanks for your report. I suppose the meaning about your situation as below.

    <div (block of post) >... <ul> <li><blockquote>this is "blockquote" element.</blockquote></li>...

    and the margin of “blockquote” element intercept aligning to left. I see. Adding this followed code to style.css file, is quickly repair.

    li blockquote { margin: 1.5em 0 0 0; }

    As I’m reconstructing this theme now, reporting is a good instructive reference. Please indicate anything, if I faild to understand.

  5. W. Chen

    にこにこ風味, lactplate still have the problem.

    You need add a code: blockquote {border: 1px solid #f7f7f7;}

    Otherwise, when you use “blockquote” anytime, the following paragraph text would to left moved 5px. Furthermore, the shifts would be accumulated.

  6. W. Chen


    In blockquote define, you just define border-left, but there haven’t top, right, bottom border. If you use firefox, it run fine. But IE would cause confusion.

    The each left shift is 5px, which equal border-left width.

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